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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Strawberry Bruchetta

The Dish: Strawberry Bruchetta

True, this wasn't the most exciting of times in the kitchen.  No drinks on a week night and I didn't even turn on the Stereo.  Would Strawberry Fields Forever have been too cliche for such a dish?  I certainly think so.  That and I don't own Magical Mystery Tour.

I needed to whip up a tasty treat for a work pot luck and that's always the best time to try something new.  If its no good, you don't have to eat the whole thing! If it is good, lots of praise and requests for recipes.  Its win/win.  Upon consulting my pot-luck menu advisor, Robyn suggested this delicious treat.

Balsamic Vinaigrette

Cut the baguette into slices and toast.  Start with the toasting so that it has an opportunity to cool while the rest of the dish is prepared so that the cheese doesn't melt.
Mix the honey in with the Mascarpone until the desired sweetness is achieved and then spread it on the toast.  Place the sliced strawberries on top of the honey/cheese mixture and sprinkle with a little sugar.
Heat the balsamic and reduce until thicker.
I have since been informed by my enlightened colleague Barb, that you can purchase a balsamic glaze without having to make a reduction out of a vinaigrette.  Should you want to go that route, I assume that would work too.

All in all, the dish was well received and there was none left. Can't complain about that.

As always, there was a ton of great food and we all ate too much.

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