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Friday, June 15, 2012

Salmon and Feta Omelet Breakfast Wrap

Breakfast Wrap and OJ
The Meal: Salmon and Feta Omelet Breakfast Wrap
The Drink: Pure not from concentrate Orange Juice
The Soundtrack: Good Morning Good Morning

Its breakfast time and I rarely listen to music at breakfast since I am typically hurriedly rushing off to work, only leaving the house at the time I should be arriving at my desk.  So I did a quick mp3 search to find the Beatles' Good Morning Good Morning, a little barnyard ditty John Lennon threw together with the inspiration from my typical breakfast partner, Cornelius Rooster.  Its true, one of the songs from one of the most renowned songwriters on one of the most critically acclaimed albums of all time developed from reading a box of Corn Flakes...

Since the idea of eating Corn Flakes for another 42 days straight was little boring, and I had some left over BBQ Salmon from the Pizza the other night, this seemed like the perfect opportunity for an Omelet wrap.
2 Eggs
1/2 Onion
1/3 Red Pepper
1 Stalk Celery
1 Clove Garlic
Leftover BBQ Salmon

Dice up the Pepper, Onion, Celery and Garlic and saute in the oil until soft and starting to brown.
When almost complete, add the Salmon for a quick reheat without turning it into rubber. Nobody likes overcooked fish. 
Scramble the eggs and cook.  Typically I would do it in the same pan because I hate making more dishes than absolutely necessary, but I like the look of little pan for omelet eggs and washing it is a small price to pay for breakfast art.

On the wrap, lay out the cooked eggs and pepper, salmon mix.  Top with crumbled feta cheese and fresh Rosemary.
How you choose to wrap your breakfast omelet is up to you, but I always like to leave a space at the back end and fold it over before wrapping up the sides.  This will keep all the delicious contents of your breakfast, in your wrap as you eat it.  No need to eat over the sink, this dish is mess free!

I'm Cornelius and I approve this breakfast*

* Cornelius does not actually approve this breakfast and strongly suggests you go buy another box of Corn Flakes or any other delicious Kellogg's product.

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