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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lobster and Lamb Surf and Turf

Lobster and Lamb Surf n' Turf with Avocado Salad
The Soundtrack: Songza's Players Holiday

I am back in Ottawa for another visit and hanging out with Matt and Matt.  Naturally, we fancy only the finest things in life so rather than go to some restaurant for a mediocre meal, we decided surf n' turf on the BBQ was the way to go.

To complement the feast, we pumped the Players Holiday playlist from Songza.  For those that don't have Songza, get it.  Its great for expanding the music variety.  The playlist was loaded with gangsta classics like Cube, Snoop, Pac, and C to the O double M O N. This was selected by Matt as the host of the festivities.

The lobster tails were split and grilled for about 4 minutes a side. We grilled them with a Chili-Lemon garlic butter which was served as a dipping sauce as well. Not much more to it than that!
The lamb loin chops were pre-seasoned with rosemary and who knows what else,  but it was delicious.  This was also cooked on the grill. Lastly on the grill was the Zucchini, which was coasted in sesame oil.

The Salad, put together by Matt, had peppers and avocado and was served with a fancy Oil and Balsamic combo.

All in all, a perfect mid-afternoon, post-gym snack.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Matty's Sweet Potato Simplicity

Sweet Potato Simplicity
The Event: Guest Chef #2
The Meal: Matty's Sweet Potato Simplicity
The Soundtrack: Classified
Drink of Choice: Tap water

Great Album
So after watching Matt eat the same thing again and again, I suggested his perfected recipe needs to go on Cooking to a Soundtrack.  Being that my blog has been light on posts this year, this was a good way to get some content to all of my loyal follower(s).

As a defining soundtrack of Matt's move to Calgary, Classified was the natural option.  We hit up his concert when he hit Calgary earlier this year and we've been bouncing to his new album since it dropped.
Sweet Potato

Chicken Breast (Pre-cooked for convenience)
Green Peppers
Secret Spice
Secret Weapon Spice (Le Clubs' Fiery Habanero & Roasted Garlic spice, limited edition of course)
Speedy Matt
Sweet Potatoes

In preparation, cut the sweet potatoes, coat in olive oil and spread out on a pan for the oven.  Bake at 350F for 20 minutes, flipping once half way.
While the sweet potatoes are in the oven, cut up the chicken, peppers, mushrooms and broccoli and add to the pan with the secret weapon spice.
Serve with the Hummus as a delicious accompaniment.

Chef's Notes:  Lacking the culinary creativity of my host Dave, I do find myself making this meal about 4-5 times a week. I find it to be a quick and affordable way to make a massive quantity of healthy food. So as the great Classified would say, "That's what I do."