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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Classic Stampede Food

The Meal: Corn Dogs and Mini Donuts
The Event: The 100th Anniversary Calgary Stampede
The Drink: Expensive Canned beer

Deep Fried Goodness
After watching the Rodeo we decided to grab some deep fried fairground grub. 
The classic of all fair foods is the corndog.  Delicious, on a stick and deep fried, it fits all of the bills.

Greatest Snack Ever
Some of the other foods on offer include poutine, various pizzas, new items served on a stick, and just about anything out of a fryer. Hot Beef Sundaes, Deep Fried Oreos, Tacos in a bag, there are no limit to the options.

We hit the beer tent for a few Buds (they sponsor the event and that's about the only option). Does beer taste better when you have to wait in line 25 minutes in the hot sun to buy it?  It probably wasn't a coincidence.

On the way out we grabbed mini donuts since Sam had never tried them before. 

Not something I've made, but still worth noting.

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